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Meg Sullivan, LICSW

psychotherapist, healer, emdr practitioner, reiki master

(315) 707-4186

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field ~ I'll meet you there."



Meg Sullivan, LICSW

If you are looking for an holistic clinician with over 20 years experience look no further. My office space is personal, private, brimming with healing energy, & provides free parking. Leave each session empowered, motivated, inspired, and equipped with practical "tips" for moving ahead in your life. I provide a safe and private space to express your feelings, gain perspective, effectively let go of whatever beliefs, behaviors and conditions that hold you back. Anxiety and depression decrease when a "plan of action" is in place. Together, we create that plan and make it happen, step by step.

The corner stone of effective therapy is recognizing and following through with choices that create a life that works for you.

We may feel trapped in our relationships, jobs and life. The sense of being trapped is an illusion. We can choose what feels right for us, without guilt. Change can be fraught with pitfalls, especially those lodged in our self-concepts, beliefs and habits, and that is where a trusted and experienced therapist, such as Meg, can be critical in helping you avoid unnecessary pain, and co-create healthy options for a better life.

My specializations include clinically proven methods for trauma, medical conditions that involve invasive and painful treatments, and victims of assault. EMDR for past/present trauma, Light therapy for SADS and stress reduction. Aromatherapy, Reiki, transforming guided imagery meditations, and relaxation training for you to develop your own home based practice.

This is a safe space for those marginalized by sexual orientation, gender identity, and social prejudice. For those suffering from reproductive complications, trauma, infertility & peripartum mood disorders. Medicare coverage for Baby Boomers adjusting to "Golden Years" that aren't so golden. No hassles! My billing specialist will check your benefits.